Neighbor Conflict Resolution

We hope you have had a chance to apply some Tips for Being a Caring Neighbor in your community, which can help build relationships and minimize conflicts between neighbors. However, even in the most peaceful communities, conflicts can arise. 

The most common complaints reported by neighbors are:

  • Snow and ice clearing
  • Yard disputes
  • Barking dogs/pet and livestock challenges
  • Parking problems

Resolving Conflicts Peacefully

Resolving conflicts productively can be achieved when a few conflict resolution practices are applied:

Prepare for a Successful Conversation

  • Make a Plan: Think about what you want to say in advance. Be specific about the problem as you see it and how it affects you.
  • Talk Directly: Meet face to face, or talk over the phone, to explain your concern in a positive, respectful manner.
  • Choose a Good Time: Choose to talk with your neighbor when there will be enough time for a thorough discussion. Consider a time when you think the other person will be most receptive.

Apply Good Communication Techniques when Listening and Speaking 

  • Listen: Give the other person a chance to explain their view, describe their own concerns, and share their own feelings.
  • Choose neutral and respectful language to express your concerns. And speak calmly.
  • Talk Openly and Honestly:  Have a positive attitude about working together to find solutions.

Respect Diversity

Our community thrives on its diversity. Many identity factors impact communication between neighbors including age, culture, years in neighborhood, race/ethnicity, language and more.  Embrace the unique perspectives and backgrounds of your neighbors, and approach conflicts with an open heart and mind.

When to Involve the Arvada Police Department

While we encourage neighbors working to resolve conflicts between themselves, we recognize there may be situations where involving authorities is necessary. If a conflict poses a threat to safety, we recommend contacting the police.


Questions? Contact City of Arvada Neighborhood Engagement Coordinator, Brady Porterfield-Finn, 720-898-7535.