About City Council

City Council, November 2023

Councilmembers from left to right: Bob Fifer, District 4; Lisa Feret, At-Large; John Marriott, District 3; Lauren Simpson, Mayor; Randy Moorman, Mayor Pro Tem, District 1; Sharon Davis, At-Large; Shawna Ambrose, District 2.

City Charter

The City Charter is the city's establishing document. It is like the constitution for the city. Among its provisions are two sections about the City Council.

Chapter IV sets out the roles, responsibilities, powers, qualifications, and limitations of the City Council. Portions of this chapter are summarized below.

Chapter V gives direction for the procedures of City Council. Topics include frequency of meetings, quorum rules, as well as various guidelines for voting and codification of the City Code.

Administrative Rules

Subject to the limitations in the City Charter, City Council may adopt administrative rules or regulations governing administrative procedures and the application of a law to aid in the administration and enforcement of ordinances.

When proposed rules have been prepared under this article, a public hearing shall be held upon not less than ten days' published notice, which notice shall state the general topic of regulation, the location and time of hearing and that copies of the proposed rules are available at the office of the City Clerk. The adopting authority, or his designee, shall preside at the hearing and shall receive such evidence and argument as may be presented.

Subsequent to such hearing the proposed rules may be revised as deemed appropriate and shall then be transmitted to City Council for approval by resolution. Such rules shall become effective upon approval by the City Council. (Code 1960, § 2-52; Code 1981, § 2-123)

The City Clerk shall maintain for public inspection during regular business hours copies of all rules in effect under this article and shall furnish copies of rules to the public at a price not to exceed copying expense.

Any rule promulgated under this article shall remain in effect until revocation by the adopting authority, upon notice to the City Clerk. (Code 1960, § 2-54; Code 1981, § 2-125)

City Council Policy

The Arvada City Council is responsible for establishing policies to guide the various functions of the City Council and, when necessary, establishing performance procedures for those policies. With the adoption of each policy, the Council sets out its purpose, definition, procedures, and other information deemed necessary to provide a history of the policy statement as well as a cross reference with an adopted Ordinance, Resolution or Motion.

Specific procedures contained within a policy statement are intended to guide, rather than dictate, a specific course of action by the City Council. Accordingly, any procedures established by a written policy may be modified by the Council, at their sole discretion, if it is determined that there are substantial and justified reasons for doing so. Any written policy may be temporarily suspended by majority vote of all Councilmembers present, and any written policy may be amended, re-enacted or repealed by majority vote of all Councilmembers present.