About City Council Meetings

  1. Council meeting access during construction

    The parking lot and entrance to City Hall at 8101 Ralston Road are closed during construction through mid-September. Park in the parking lot down the hill on Ammons Street and enter through the Main City Hall entrance. Follow signage. Council meeting access during construction

Types of Council Meetings

  1. Business Meeting
  2. Workshop
  3. Study Session
  • Council makes official decisions in the form of ordinances, resolutions, or motions
  • Meetings are open to the public with public comment at designated times

How to Participate in Meetings

The City Council encourages citizens to participate in meetings and uses a hybrid meeting format, allowing for both in person and remote participation.

  1. Speak
  2. Attend
  3. Watch
  4. Written Comment

Speaking directly to the City Council during a public meeting is only available at Business Meetings. During a Business Meeting there are three opportunities to speak. 

  • The first chance to provide Public Comment occurs near the beginning of the meeting. Individuals may speak for 3 minutes. They may speak on any topic except the topics of that meeting’s Public Hearings.
  • People may also provide testimony during Public Hearings. The time limit on testimony will be announced prior to the meeting. Testimony is limited to the topic of the Public Hearing.
  • Another opportunity to provide Public Comment comes near the end of the meeting. Individuals may speak for 5 minutes on any topic.

You must sign up to provide comment or testimony.

How Public Hearings Work

Public Hearings are formal proceedings that give citizens an opportunity to express their views on a specific topic. Some items that require Public Hearings are annual budgets, public improvement /planning projects, and levying of special assessments. Citizens wishing to speak are asked to complete a form and indicate if they are for or against the topic. Proponents and Opponents will be given approximately the same amount of time to address the topic with a limit of one hour for each side. Therefore, it's important to organize a presentation prior to the hearing. For those who do not wish to speak but wish to declare their position, a form is available which then becomes part of the permanent record.

A typical hearing format consists of:

  1. The Mayor opens the hearing.
  2. City staff describes the proposal.
  3. Public comments are heard.
  4. The Mayor closes the hearing.
  5. Councilmembers have an opportunity to comment and ask questions of City staff.
  6. Council takes action, votes on, or defers their decision

What is Public Comment?

Rules for City Council Meetings

All the information on this page is derived from rules created and voted on by the City Council. The following documents detail all the rules that govern City Council meetings.