Advance Arvada

Aerial View of City of ArvadaAdvance Arvada is the Long Range Planning Division of the Community and Economic Development Team at the City of Arvada. Advance Arvada oversees the Comprehensive Plan, which guides planning, land use code decisions, development management, and resource services that are delivered to residents, businesses, the development community, decision-making bodies, and neighborhood partners. Additionally, Advance Arvada manages the Land Development Code (LDC) and creates sub-area plans for key economic development areas throughout the community in order to maintain a sustainable and resilient place to live, work, and play. As opportunity arises, Advance Arvada also oversees special projects such as Olde Town Arvada Improvements and Pocket Neighborhoods.

Advance Arvada Projects

The City is currently working on the Land Development Code, Sub-Area Planning and Olde Town Arvada improvements. Future projects include updating the 2014 Comprehensive Plan.

Land Development Code (LDC)

Beginning in 2018, the City began a years-long process of updating the Land Development Code (LDC). The LDC provides the City's regulations for the development and use of property within the city. The code provides information on zoning, subdivisions, building permits, flood plain information and other related land use activities. For more information on the LDC, visit the Land Development Code Page.

Sub-Area Planning

As part of the updated Land Development Code, the City of Arvada has begun the development of specific area plans for many of the corridors and areas zoned for mixed-use development. This is called Sub-Area Planning. For more information on the current Sub-Area Plans, visit Sub-Area Planning.

Olde Town Arvada Strategic Reinvestment Plan

The effort to create an Olde Town Arvada Strategic Reinvestment Plan is in its final phase. The City of Arvada began an effort to craft a 20-year vision for the future of Olde Town in June 2022 and has engaged the community many times through online surveys, open houses, and special events throughout the process.

The draft plan incorporates feedback from the community, the Olde Town Arvada Business Improvement District Board, and City Council. The final draft plan will be presented to the City Council later this fall for their approval and adoption.

For more information about Olde Town Arvada and the Strategic Reinvestment Plan, visit Olde Town Arvada.

Comprehensive Plan

Last updated in 2014, the Comprehensive Plan articulates the community's shared values and vision. Goals and policies help guide development and investment decisions that have a direct bearing on the quality of life in Arvada. Discussions are currently underway for updating the Comprehensive Plan in late 2024. For more information about the Comprehensive Plan, visit Comprehensive Plan.