IG (Industrial, General) District

Intended to provide areas for a wide variety of industrial, manufacturing, and heavy industries, heavy logistics centers, storage yards, and comparable uses and activities, as well as less intensive industries and supportive uses.


  • Allowed Use By-Right (A)
  • Limited Use (L)
  • Conditional Use (C)

Note: If a use is not listed in the table then it is not allowed in the zoning district

  1. Residential Uses
Use ClassificationUse AllowanceAdditional Regulations found in the Land Development Code
Live-Work UnitL3-1-3-3
  1. Hospitality, Recreation & Entertainment Uses
  1. Commercial Uses
  1. Community, Civic, Educational, Health Care & Institutional Uses
  1. Industrial, Processing, Recycling, Storage & Disposal Uses
  1. Motor Vehicle Uses
  1. Utility & Communications Uses
  1. Agriculture Uses