City Clerk

Section 6.6 of the Arvada City Charter establishes the position of the City Clerk and states that the City Manager, with the approval of City Council, shall appoint a City Clerk who shall be custodian of the City Seal. The City Clerk's office performs various functions that fall within four program areas:

City Council Administrative Support Program

Provides the following support services to City Council: 

  • weekly agenda packets
  • meeting minutes
  • event logistics and arrangements
  • maintenance of policy manual
  • calendars
  • legal postings and publications
  • staff support for meetings
  • boards and commissions

Content Information Management Program 

Provides the following records and information management services to City Council, City Departments and the community: 

  • codified ordinances
  • document management and scanning
  • recording of documents
  • maintaining city files
  • open records requests
  • records management
  • maintenance of archival facilities
  • information requests.

Elections Program

Provides the following voter assistance and election services to candidates and the community: 

  • management of city elections
  • business improvement districts
  • City Council candidate certifications
  • City Council candidate manuals and consultations
  • preparation of election ballots
  • election campaign finance report reviews and filings
  • election results certifications
  • initiative/referendum petition signature verifications
  • mail ballot drop off sites and customer inquiry responses
  • redistricting coordination and maps

Licensing Program

Provides business licensing to business owners and the community in the following areas: 

  • kennel licenses
  • liquor establishment licenses
  • special event liquor permits
  • trash hauler licenses
  • renewals of all license areas and consultations with applicants

The Arvada City Clerk is Kristen Rush.