Community & Economic Development


The mission of the Community and Economic Development Department is to enhance the quality of life for the Arvada community by ensuring development meets design values and standards, safety requirements, infrastructure needs, and supports the local economy.


Community and Economic Development sustains a planned and balanced community that provides affordable housing while preserving existing neighborhoods and the related housing stock; enhances the image of the community; provides quality jobs for citizens; generates additional revenue and ensure the economic health and financial stability for the City of Arvada; and coordinates development activities to conform with city policies and regulations.

The Department strives to work collaboratively with the community to guide growth and revitalization throughout the City of Arvada.

Building Services Division

Building services includes permits, inspections and plan review for Commercial, Industrial, and Residential developments and alterations by insuring conformance with the adopted Building Codes with amendments.

Development Review Division

The team evaluates Commercial, Industrial, and Residential development plans along with proposed land uses to make sure they conforms with the Land Development Code (LDC), the Comprehensive Plan, and Engineering Standards.

Economic Development Division

The Arvada Economic Development Association (AEDA) is the official organization within the City of Arvada that supports business. AEDA's mission is to provide business and commercial development services to new and existing businesses, so they can grow and expand to create jobs, increase revenues, and make capital investments.

Long Range Planning Division

Long Range Planning is responsible for developing plans, policies, and programs to guide the physical design and development of the City of Arvada.