Information Technology


The Mission of the Information Technology Department is to provide guidance and collaboration for strategic planning, implementation, and support of IT systems used to enhance the lives of everyone in our community.


We serve the organization and the community by providing:


  • Incident Prevention: Monitor systems to identify potential problems before becoming critical
  • Incident Management: Minimize disruption and resolve issues quickly
  • IT Security: Secure technology to provide appropriate access to data and information


  • Resource Management: Effectively forecast needs, managing our workload and providing timely support
  • Improved Processes: Ongoing evaluation of data for streamlining our processes and procedures
  • Limited Liability: Replace aging technology that hinders innovation and poses security risks


  • Resident Experience: Provide self-service tools and technologies encouraging resident engagement while ensuring transparency of government and a consistent resident experience.
  • Staff Experience: Provide collaborative tools and resources to meet the needs of our internal customers efficiently and effectively.


  • Project Delivery: Evaluate and improve project management, vendor management, and stakeholder engagement
  • Support: Apply consistency and standards to provide a high level of service to all of our customers
  • Centralization: Identify and centralize services where needed to improve effectiveness, efficiency, and affordability