Legal (City Attorney's Office)


The Mission of the City Attorney's Office is to provide legal services to the City Council, boards, commissions, and administrative staff. This helps to enforce the law, avoid or mitigate risks associated with City operations, and protect the legal interests of the City of Arvada.


  • Provides legal counsel and services to the City Council.
  • Provides legal counsel to boards, commissions, and City departments.
  • Prosecutes criminal defendants.
  • Prosecutes Arvada code violations. Municipal Code helps to ensure the safety of buildings and much more.
  • Provides civil defense council for the City and employees in administrative, county, state, and federal courts.
  • Represents the City in administrative, county, state, and federal courts.
  • Prepares contracts and other legal documents.


If you need legal help, please contact a private attorney. You are welcome to consult our Legal Referrals.