Community Response Impact Team

About Us

The Community Response Impact Team (CRIT) consists of five full-service police officers and a sergeant assigned to specific communities of interest to establish problem-solving partnerships with residents, apartment managers and business owners.


The mission of the CRIT is to address criminal activity and statistical trends that have a negative impact on the quality of life for citizens of Arvada. The team concentrates on high crime areas and problem properties that present a drain on patrol and the criminal investigation bureau.

  • Identify and resolve crime-related issues to improve the quality of life in those neighborhoods.
  • Apply creative and advanced technical resources to provide support and concentrated law enforcement efforts toward achieving long-term resolution of high crime areas and problem properties.

Classes Offered

The CRIT provides free training to the community throughout the year.

Crime Free Multi-Housing

The Crime Free Multi-Housing class is ideal for multi-housing and rental property owners, managers, maintenance personnel and anyone interested in reducing crime on their properties and increasing profitability. For more information, visit the Crime Free Multi-Housing Page.

Crime Prevention Class

The Crime Prevention Class is a two-hour class geared towards citizens interested in learning basic crime prevention tips and tools to help reduce crime. For more information, visit the Crime Trends and Crime Prevention Class Page.

Sexual Harassment, Assault & Rape Prevention Training (SHARP)

This self-defense class is designed for women to give them the confidence and skills needed to defend themselves in situations ranging from sexual harassment in the workplace to being approached or grabbed by a hostile person. For more information visit Women's Awareness Defense & Empowerment (W.A.D.E).

For more information or to register classes, call the CRIT team at 720-898-6883.