OT-RR (Olde Town Ralston Road) District

The intent of the Olde Town form-based zoning districts is to protect the established historic character of Olde Town Arvada based on the City's adopted plans and design guidelines for the area. The Olde Town Ralston Road zoning district is a mixed-use zone district allowing mixed-use, mixed-use parking structure, apartment, townhouse, accessory building, and civic building form types.


  • Allowed Use By-Right (A)
  • Limited Use (L)
  • Conditional Use (C)

Note: If a use is not listed in the table then it is not allowed in the zoning district

  1. Residential Uses
Use ClassificationUse AllowanceAdditional Regulations Found in the Land Development Code
Boarding, Lodging, or Rooming HouseAN/A
Group Home, FHAAL3-1-3-3
Group Home, Not Specified AboveC3-1-3-3
Live-Work UnitL3-1-3-3
  1. Hospitality, Recreation & Entertainment Uses
  1. Commercial Uses
  1. Community, Civic, Educational, Health Care & Institutional Uses
  1. Utility & Communications Uses