RN (Residential Neighborhood) District

Intended to maintain the character of mature, established neighborhoods in locations where residents expect that the character be relatively stable and allow development, redevelopment, and/or public projects that are consistent with a neighborhood's architectural character.

Subdistricts include:

  • RN-32.5
  • RN-12.5
  • RN-7.5
  • RN-6.
  • RN-4
  • RN-D


  • Allowed Use By-Right (A)
  • Limited Use (L)
  • Conditional Use (C)

Note: If a use is not listed in the table then it is not allowed in the zoning district

Use ClassificationUse AllowanceAdditional Regulations Found in the Land Development Code
Single-Family DetachedA3-1-3-2
DuplexL (RN-D subdistrict only)
Group Home, FHAAL3-1-3-3
Group Home, Not Specified AboveC3-1-3-3