Community Survey

2023 Community Survey Results

Results from the 2023 Community Surveyconducted in October, are now availableThe Arvada City Council and the City team will use this information to develop strategic plans to build on service successes and address service gaps. Following are some key findings from the survey:

Key Findings

  • Satisfaction, in general, is high among Arvada residents, particularly with City services (69%) and quality of life (73%).
  • Residents feel safe in their neighborhoods (90%) and citywide during the day (66%) and the majority view Arvada as an equitable place.
  • Residents are mixed in their opinions towards growth and development.
  • Management of traffic and pavement conditions are opportunities for improvement for the City team.
  • Homelessness and affordable housing are still important to residents and support for programming-based solutions is high.
  • Parks and open space satisfaction is high; Arvada should continue to expand spaces and update with amenities.

Thank you to all residents who participated in the survey. The next survey will be conducted in October 2024. We will notify residents via all our communication channels when it opens, and we encourage all to participate. Your feedback is important to us!

View the 2023 survey report.

What Is the Community Survey?

Since 1997, Arvada residents have been rating their satisfaction with regard to quality of life, community amenities and local government via the Community Survey. The survey functions as a consumer report card by providing residents the opportunity to rate their satisfaction with their quality of life, community amenities and local government. The survey gives residents an opportunity to provide feedback to the City government on what they believe is working well and what is not, and to communicate their priorities regarding community planning and resource allocation. The survey invites your opinions about how the City uses tax dollars, how safe you feel in the City and your neighborhood, and how you perceive Arvada as a place to live, among a number of other areas of interest. This information is critical to the City's understanding of the current and future needs of Arvada residents, like you.

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