Records and Requests

The City Clerk is the official custodian of city records and provides access to public records under the guidelines of the Colorado Open Records Act.

Online Records

General Records

The City of Arvada has made over 30,000 documents available for the public to search and view through the MuniDocs website. Types of records include agendas, meeting minutes, budgets, ordinances, resolutions and more.

Building and Development Records

The City of Arvada uses eTRAKiT to provide citizens and contractors the ability to search for information on permits, developments and building records.

How to Request Records

For all other records, to receive the information you are requesting as quickly as possible please make sure you are requesting documents from the correct office.

Police Records

Police Reports, Police Photos, Address Searches and Clearance Letters are made available by the Arvada Police Department. Request Police Records.

Code Enforcement (including violations)

Records relating to city code violations such as: parking surfaces, fences, overgrown weeds, snow removal, etc. are made available by the Arvada Police Department. Request Code Enforcement Records.

Municipal Court Records

Court cases, court records checks, dispositions, and name checks are held by the Municipal Court. Request Court Records.

Zoning Verification Letter

To obtain an official Zoning Verification for a property in Arvada, email Planning Division or call the Planning Counter at 720-898-7435 to receive assistance. An Official Zoning Verification letter will provide information regarding the zoning of a property, whether it is conforming to the Land Development Code and if any zoning violations exist

All Other Records

For all other City of Arvada records submit a records request using the link below. All requests submitted here will be treated as CORA requests. Submit Records Request