Development in Arvada

Current Projects

Are you looking for residential and commercial development projects being processed by the City? Did you see a public hearing sign? Review our Development story map for more information on Development Projects in the City.

Metropolitan District Ordinance Draft

The documents have been updated based on feedback from both the City Council and community to help balance the need for this public financing tool, while still providing transparency and accountability to the future property owners and taxpayers of the District. This ordinance draft along with feedback will be presented to City Council. Read the Draft Ordinance (PDF).

City Development Plans

From parks and open space to the conservation, the City has plans to address a wide range of development in Arvada. To see a comprehensive list of future plans and active efforts, please explore Plan Arvada (Current and Long Range Plans).

For Developers

If you are looking for information about development permits and applications, please see Develop in Arvada.