Plan Arvada (Current & Long Range Plans)

Parks & Open Space (Open Space & Nature)

Arvada Parks System Master Plan

The City's current Master Plan was adopted in 2016 and is based on City Council's Strategic Goals. An inventory of existing conditions and an analysis of community needs, based on input provided by Arvada residents through survey responses and comments made in a series of public workshops and other forums, were integral to the plan development.

Blunn/Pioneer Master Plan

A 30-year Master Plan is being conducted for the 1,600-acre primarily undeveloped property located north of West 64th Avenue, east of Highway 93, south of Leyden Road and west of Virgil Street including the Arvada/Blunn Reservoir, Tucker Lake, Pioneer Sand and Gravel quarry, and nearby open space areas. Existing and future uses for this property are being considered.

Budget (Transparency)

Capital Improvement Plan

The 10-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) identifies the short and long term infrastructure needs identified by the City for all of its operations including: facilities, parks, streets, water, wastewater, storm water, hospitality, golf and the Arvada Center. The intent of the CIP is to balance the identified needs of the City with the available resources.

Plan Arvada (Current & Long Range Plans) (Development in Arvada)

Comprehensive Plan

The 2014 Comprehensive Plan articulates the community's shared values and vision. Goals and policies help guide development and investment decisions that influence the quality of life in Arvada. The Plan establishes the City's land use pattern, sets the stage for development regulations and standards, and guides the City in funding programs and capital investments by anticipating future tax revenue. The Plan was prepared to conform to the requirements in the Colorado Revised Statues.

Sustain Arvada (Services & Sustainability)

Sustain Arvada Plan

The Sustain Arvada Plan has two primary components: The Municipal Action Plan and the Community Plan. While both plans strive to achieve a more sustainable community, the Municipal Action Plan, developed in 2010, defined and created a sustainable corporate identity for the City of Arvada. The Community Plan, adopted in 2012, focused on aspects of sustainability that relate to the entire Arvada population.

Projects (Transportation)

2017 Bike Master Plan

Adopted by City Council in October 2017, the goals of the Bicycle Master Plan include building a connected and comfortable bicycle network, creating a safe place for all types of bicyclists to ride, turning bicycling into a convenient form of travel for all trips. The Plan was created with Council, Olde Town stakeholders and internal and external advisory team, City committees and commissions, a consulting team and extensive public input over a two year period. As the Plan's recommendations are implemented, the following targets will help gauge the City's success in creating an Arvada that is connected, comfortable, safe, and convenient for bicycling. By 2022:

Olde Town Parking & Transportation Demand Plan

Developed in 2010, the Olde Town Parking and Transportation Demand Plan determined short-term and long-term recommendations to improve parking and transportation in Olde Town Arvada.

Arvada Transit Framework Plan

In 2007, the City of Arvada initiated the Arvada Transit Station Planning Project to study the individual needs of each of the Gold Line Stations-Sheridan, Olde Town and Kipling-in order to strengthen all three stations and better serve the community.

Arts & Culture (Public Art)

Arvada Cultural Master Plan

The Arvada Arts and Culture Commission (AACC) supports, cultivates, and advocates for a variety of arts, culture, and heritage opportunities throughout our community.