Construction & Sales Trailers

The use of construction trailers in connection with site construction, or an area used for the temporary storage of building materials and equipment necessary for construction of a permanent use, is allowed as provided in Section 3-1-4-2, Temporary Uses by Zoning District of the Land Development Code. Additionally a building permit is required to check for support, anchorage, stairs, landings, electric final, plumbing/gas hookups and setbacks.


All applications can be completed online at the Arvada Permits Site. Please login with your contractor's license to apply. You will use the COMMMISC permit type to apple for this permit. Utilize the eTRAKiT Application.

Setback Requirements

A temporary construction trailer, or a temporary construction yard, shall be located on the subject property on which construction is progressing, and shall not be located within 25 feet of any adjoining residential lot that is not part of the subject property with ten feet of clearance on all sides.

Submittal Documents

All documents must be in a PDF format, unlocked or unprotected so that corrections may be identified by reviewers. Any submittal containing a file that is locked or protected will be considered incomplete and must be resubmitted.

  • Floor plans labeling the room uses drawn to scale.
  • A support and anchorage plan, stamped by a Colorado registered engineer, showing how the building or trailer will be supported and tied down for the interior and wind loading.

  • Plot plan showing the location of the building or trailer on the property and its setbacks measured to property lines, easements, existing dwellings, and rivers/creeks. If the trailer is a factory-built non-residential structure, it must be approved by the State of Colorado Division of Housing, with a blue Colorado Certification Insignia on the exterior front of each section.

Review Timeline

Once all required documents have been submitted, a review request will be sent for review. The review will be an estimated 10 business days from the date of acceptance.

Expiration of Temporary Use Approval

The term of a temporary use approval for construction uses shall automatically expire 30 days after completion of construction, or upon cessation of construction for more than 60 days, or one year after issuance, whichever occurs first. If construction is interrupted and ceases for more than 60 days, excluding weather delays, a construction trailer shall be removed until actual construction commences again. The building permit will be closed upon approval of final inspection.

Licensing Requirements

Arvada Builders Unlimited 1A, Builders Unlimited 2B or Builders Miscellaneous 3B. All subcontractors must be licensed and listed on the permit.


Flat fee of $200


  • Electrical Service/CL
  • Final Structural
  • Final Electrical
  • Final Plumbing (If applicable)
  • Final HVAC (If applicable)

This does not apply to office trailers and buildings being set up on a long-term basis, such as to provide modular office space outside of a building. These are considered permanent structures and must meet all planning, building, health, fire department, accessibility, and electrical requirements.