Permits for residential and commercial electrical is required to be approved and issued before work can be started. Applicants interested in applying for an Electrical Permit, should review all information below. Applications can now be submitted through our online customer portal Arvada Permits.

Getting Started

Permits for the following electrical work are required for commercial and residential structures. If you are the homeowner and occupant of the structure, you can obtain the permit. Please review all application requirements before submittal:

  1. Service Replace or New
  2. Meter Housing replacement
  3. Construction meter
  4. New wiring circuit

Applications Must Include

  • Project is for a panel rating that is over 200 amps application must include an Engineered signed and stamped set of plans.
  • Project is for commercial structures must include an Engineered signed and stamped set of plans.
  • Completing a project as a homeowner, a single line diagram must be included with application.
  • Project is for a new utilities meter or a telephone cabinet, a site plan locating the new installation must be included.

Reasons to Stop the Process

The electrical work is part of a larger project such as installation of mechanical appliances, residential remodels, commercial remodels, new residential or commercial structures. The project permit will have the electrical permit and fee associated with that permit. Electrical contractors will need to complete the sub-contractor form for those permits.

Review Timelines

Applications are typically reviewed within an 8 hour business day. Some electrical permits will require a technical review. Please see below for typical review timelines.

Panel Under 200 AmpsPanel Over 200 AmpsCommercial
Reviewed within 1 Business Day3 business day technical review3 business day technical review


Once an application is processed, all fees can be paid through Arvada Permits. Fees can also be paid at City Hall during regular business hours.

Application Type Work TypePermit Fees
ResidentialReplace or New Service$54, Use Tax
ResidentialConstruction Meter$54, Use Tax
ResidentialMeter Housing$50, Use Tax
ResidentialNew Wiring CircuitBuilding Permit Fee, Use Tax
CommercialAll subtypesBuilding Permit Fee, Use Tax

If you are a contractor that submits their Use Tax to the City of Arvada Sales Tax division, Use Tax will be removed from the permit after review by the Building Division staff, proof of Tax Exempt status will be requested during the application process. Utilize the Fee Calculator.

Submit Application

The City of Arvada uses eTRAKiT for the permit application process. Contractors that have a valid City of Arvada registration are able to submit their application through the online system. Homeowners that are applying for permits may complete the application and submit it to the email of the Building Permits Division. Utilize the eTRAKiT Application.

Inspection Required

This list is not inclusive, commercial projects may require other inspections. Please contact the Building Inspections if you have questions about inspections.

Permit Sub-TypeInspection Type
Replace or New ServiceElectrical Service/CL, Final Electrical
Construction MeterFinal Electrical
Meter HousingElectrical Service/CL, Final Electrical
New Wiring CircuitRough Electrical, Final Electrical

Closing the Permit

Once the required inspections are completed with a FINAL result, the permit will be finalized and considered closed. An email with the results and notice of permit closer will be sent to the email that is on file. Inspection results and permit status can always be reviewed online at Arvada Permits or by calling the automated inspection line at 720-898-7630.

For meter releases - The City of Arvada releases inspection information to Xcel Energy the day after the inspection is approved. Applicants are responsible for contacting Xcel Energy to complete the setup of the meter.