Things to Know

  • Permits are required for all fencing in the City of Arvada.
  • If you are the homeowner and you occupy the structure, you may apply for the permit. If you are hiring a contractor to complete the work, please have them apply for the permit. If this is a rental property and the work is not being completed by the homeowner, the applicant must submit a letter with the homeowner's permission.
  • If you are relocating an existing fence, a new permit and site plan are required.
  • Fences located on lot lines that are adjacent to public rights-of-way, including trails, shall have the finished side facing the right-of-way.
  • Some exceptions to height and locational restrictions may apply if the fence is at least 50% transparent/open.
  • No solid fence or divisional wall that is between three and eight feet in height shall be installed closer than:
    • Eight feet from the flowline of a street
    • Five feet to the nearest edge of a sidewalk, open space, trail, or multi-use pathway
  • Fences shall not be erected that block the intersection sight distance triangles
  • If your property is located in a floodplain, additional permits and fees may be required by the Engineering Division. All permits within floodplain will be reviewed and you will be contacted if additional permits and fees are due.
  • Homeowner Associations (HOAs) may have their own requirements, please reference HOA bylaws for subdivision requirements.

New: Rental property owners can now install or replace a fence on their property without having to use a licensed contractor. If a tenant is installing a fence, they need to have the Homeowner Waiver completed.

What You Will Need to Apply

Step 1: Determine the Zoning for Your Property

Please use the address tool to determine the zoning for your property. Enter your address and then click Full Report. Once you find your zoning, use the table and illustrations below to find your minimum front setback and maximum fence height requirements and restrictions. Please note that any fence above 4 feet in height must be located at or behind the front facade of the building located on the property.

If your property is located on a corner lot, you will have a front setback and a side street setback. The front setback is typically taken from where the front door and driveway access is located.

Step 2: Plot Plan

Create a Plot Plan (PDF) with details of the distance of the fence to each property line. On the plot plan also include the address and indicate direction (North, South, East, West). If you do not have a plot plan you can check the address files. If there is no plot plan you can get an ILC on your property by hiring a 3rd party company or a Plot Plan Can Be Created (PDF) by you. If you need assistance with your site plan please contact Planning at 720-898-7435.

Step 3: Complete the Application

Applications can be submitted using our online tool at Arvada Permits Site. All documents will need to be attached in a.PDF format. Planning and Development will complete a zoning compliance review of the site plan and application. Applications are accepted in person at City Hall, 2nd Floor at the planning counter, Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm.

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Online Application Process

The City of Arvada uses eTRAKiT for the Permit application process.

Step 4: Staff Review

Staff will review the application and attachments. If there is more information that is needed, you will be contact by staff. Once the permit is approved, you will receive an email with the next steps to obtain the permit.

Fences Over 6 Feet

Fences that are over 6 feet will be subject to a plan review completed by the Building Inspection Division. The application must include a site plan, and specifications for the wind rating.