Site Disturbance Permit

The Site Disturbance Permit will only be available online. Please note that all permits will require an excavating contractor to be listed on the permit prior to issuance. This contractor will need to be licensed, insured and bonded with the City of Arvada as a MC-S2.

The City of Arvada oversees construction sites within their jurisdiction to minimize the potential for pollutants to leave the site, including sediment. A Site Disturbance Permit is issued to owners, developers, contractors, or builders who must install and maintain adequate best management practices (BMPs) to control pollutants.

Who Needs a Permit

All projects that disturb 10,000 square feet or more of land must obtain an Arvada Site Disturbance Permit. Complete the Site Disturbance Permit Online Application and provide the required documentation for review.

Projects that disturb an acre or more (or less than one acre if part of a larger common plan of development) must also obtain a State Stormwater Discharges Associated With Construction Activity General Permit. The requirements of the State and City permits are similar. Access the eTRAKIT Application.

Contractor Required

All permits will require an excavating contractor to be listed on the permit prior to issuance. The contractor will need to have a MC-S2 Municipal Contractor's License and be insured and bonded with the City of Arvada. Please contact the Engineering Division at 720-898-7640 with any questions.

Site Disturbance Plan Process

Sediment and erosion control plans that show how pollutants will be controlled must be submitted for review and approval and include the standard Plan Notes can be found in the Mile High Flood District (MHFD) Criteria Manual, Volume 3.

A narrative Stormwater Management Plan must be developed and submitted for review when a project is one acre or more. The complexity of the plans submitted should be in accordance with the complexity of the proposed project. Please note:

  • Approved sediment and erosion control plans must be followed, and updated as the site is developed.
  • A grading plan is required.
  • Disturbed earth is limited to 60 acres on any one site.
  • Truck travel route map to and from site is required.

Small Lots

An individual lot, if that lot is part of a larger common development, must obtain a Site Disturbance Permit. If the lot is less than 10,000 square feet in area, a permit will be awarded at no cost.

Required Documents

DocumentLess than 1 acreMore than 1 acreMore than 1 acre with multiple locations
Grading PlanXXX
Erosion Control Plan (BMPs)XXX
Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP)
State Construction Permit
Truck Route MapXXX


Fees for the Site Development Permit vary from $50 to a maximum of $125. A cash escrow or letter of credit of $2,000 plus $200 per acre must be on file with the City.

Disturbed Earth in Square FeetApplication FeeResubmittal Fee

0 to 10,000



10,001 to 50,000



50,001 to 250,000



250,001 to 500,000



Greater than 500,000