No Proof of Insurance Charges

In order to dismiss a No Proof of Insurance charge, we must be able to confirm you were a covered driver in the specified vehicle on the date and time of the violation.

Consistent with the Model Traffic Code as adopted by the City of Arvada, the Arvada Municipal Court will not accept an Insurance ID card after a No Proof of Insurance ticket has been issued. The court requires a detailed letter from your Insurance Agent / Company providing all of the following:

  • Letter must be on company letterhead
  • Letter must be dated
  • Policy Number
  • Defendant's name
  • Year, Make and Model of vehicle
  • Statement of coverage for the defendant driving the specified vehicle on the date and time of the violation

This letter can be faxed to 720-898-7164 or emailed. If you or your agent have any questions, please feel free to contact the Arvada Municipal Court office at 720-898-7150. 

If you cannot provide proof of insurance, you will be required to enter a plea in court.