Food Trucks

Food truck operators must apply for a business license for a food truck with Revenue. Once approved, a business license and food truck permit will be issued. Food truck permits must be renewed annually, expiring one year from date of issue. The permit can be renewed by submitting updated copies of a county health certificate, current commissary agreement and the food truck permit fee.


  • A business license, submitted using our online licensing and tax partner, MUNIRevs
  • Proof of a current county health department certification (Any current county certificate will be accepted)
  • Copy of a current commissary agreement
  • A $60 permit fee
  • If you are operating on private property, please submit written permission from the property owner

Additional Information

  • Permits are valid for 12 months with online renewals being sent the last month of the permit.
  • Hours of operation are limited between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m.
  • Operators are responsible for the storage and daily disposal of all trash, refuse and litter.
  • All areas used for food and retail trucks must be maintained in a safe and clean condition.
  • Liquid waste used in the operation cannot be discharged from the vehicle, with the exception of clean ice melt.