Municipal Code for Shoveling Walkways

Person Snow Blowing

Just a friendly reminder to Arvada residents that the Arvada Municipal Code requires that snow, ice, and slush be removed from sidewalks within 24 hours after the end of a snowfall.

The Municipal Code Sec. 18-491. I.P.M.C. Section 302.3.3, Snow Removal Generally reads:

The owner of any premises other than a one- or two-family dwelling unit, or agent thereof, shall remove from sidewalk and sidewalk areas snow, ice, or slush within 24 hours of the end of any snowfall or ice storm. For purposes of enforcement of this section 302.3.3, "sidewalk" means that portion of a street between the curb lines or the lateral lines of a roadway and the adjacent property lines intended for the use of pedestrians. It also includes all other walkways where ever they may be located on the property, exterior stairs, driveways, parking spaces, and similar areas.

For more information contact Neighborhood Services at 720-898-7465.

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