New Single Family

Before You Apply

Thinking about building a new home in Arvada? If the lot is over 10,000 square feet, a site development permit must be obtained. 

Required Documents

The following are the required documents that must be filled out completely and submitted along with the online permit application through Arvada Permits. The permit will not be accepted if there are missing plans, documents or information. All plans should be submitted as one combined set of documents and there should be no security-locked documents submitted. Please verify that all design criteria, design conditions and adopted codes match what has been adopted by the City of Arvada before submitting. Design conditions, code information and design criteria are listed below. 

  1. For Custom Homes

Custom Home build plans will need to be site specific with the address or lot/block listed on all plans. It will require:

  • Plot Plan
  • Erosion/Grading Plan
  • Floor Plans to include: Building Elevations, Cross Sections, Floor Plans, details, etc. (See Note 1)
  • Structural Plans, Stamped and Signed (See Note 2)
  • Foundation Plans, Stamped and Signed (See Note 2)
  • Soils Report, Stamped and Signed (See Note 2)
  • Set of Manual J, D and S Calculations
  • Energy Report- calculation of Building Envelope Compliance (See Note 3)
  • Truss Specification Package, Stamped and Signed (See Note 2)
  • Gas line sizing calculation and schematic drawing


  • Note 1: See the most current version of the Colorado Revised Statutes 12-25-303 for requirements on when architectural stamped plans are required.
  • Note 2: By a professional licensed in the State of Colorado (engineer or architect).
  • Note 3: Only required when using a performance based method of compliance to demonstrate building envelope compliance requirements (some examples of an energy report include REScheck or HER's report).
  1. For Mastered Homes
  1. For Repeat Plan Sets From Master

Submitting an Application

Applications are submitted using our customer portal. Please log in with your AEC number that was assigned to your company. Applications are only available to licensed contractors. If you are a homeowner that will be constructing a new single family home, please contact the office to get a homeowners license number.

Utilize the eTRAKIT Application.

Required Approvals

Approvals for permit issuance are required from Planning, Engineering and Building Inspections. After the application is accepted, a review will be sent to the review team. Each review cycle will be 15 business days. After the review cycle, all documents and staff comments will be combined and returned to you with an approval or with a request for revisions. If revisions are requested, you must submit the updated and complete packet (all required documents) through the customer portal for additional review. During our review cycle you will not be able to view staff comments.

Note: If your application is associated with a development project, the application will not be approved until the Development Application has received approval.


Inspections can be scheduled until 6 a.m. of the desired inspection date. Inspections are completed Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. All inspections can be scheduled using or by calling 720-898-7630 and using the automated line. A 3-digit inspection code is required.

Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.)

To obtain a Certificate of Occupancy the project must be in good standing with Engineering, Planning, and Stormwater. All fees must be paid prior to an issuance of the C.O.

  1. Step 1: All Final Inspections Are Completed
  • Final Structural
  • Final Electrical
  • Final Mechanical (HVAC) 
  • Final Plumbing
  • CO-Public Improvement
  1. Step 2: Upload Required Documents
  1. Step 3: Schedule a CO/TCO Inspection
  1. Step 4: Pay Fees
  1. Step 5: Monitor Arvada Permits

Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (T.C.O)

A Temporary Certificate of Occupancy can be requested, please complete the steps for a Certificate of Occupancy and email Building Permits Division with details for your request for a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy