Residential Exterior

Permits are required for any structure (attached or detached) being constructed on a property. Below are some examples of projects that require a permit. Please note, this is not an all inclusive list.

Please use a Residential Exterior application for the following projects:

  • Decks
  • Attached Shade Over 200 Square Feet
  • Attached Garage
  • Attached Shade 200 Square feet or Less
  • Outdoor Kitchen/living (Gas Fire Places)
  • Awning
  • Addition
  • Egress Window
  • Carport
  • Detached Accessory Structure (Sheds, Garages, etc.) over 200 Square Feet
  • Hot Tubs/Above Ground Pools
  • In-ground Pool

Before You Apply

Review online guides and the adopted building codes to help you understand the requirements for your projects, utilize this online code resource for the current adopted codes.

Licenses Required

If you are the owner and occupant of the residence and you are completing the work by yourself, a license is not required. If you are hiring a contractor for any part of the project, the City of Arvada requires a licensed contractor to be listed on the permit. If you are the owner of the residence and it is not your primary residence, you will need to hire a contractor or obtain a contractor's license to be able to be issued the permit.

Type of License required for Residential Exterior:

  • Class I-B builder's unlimited license
  • Class II-B builder's license
  • Class III-B builder's miscellaneous license

How to Apply

Our application process and plan review is completely electronic. If you have your plans in an electronic format, you will be able to upload them during the application process. Plans can be drawn by hand and dropped off at City Hall, staff will scan them and convert to PDF format. There are numerous online resources available for drawing scaled plans that can help you create electronic plans.

When the project scope and all documents are ready, create a login on Arvada Permits Site if you are a homeowner or login using your AEC number if you are a contractor and start your application. All items will be attached to the application, failure to attach documents will result in your application not being accepted. If you are having any issues during the application process please contact us for assistance.

Utilize the eTRAKIT Application.

Timeline for Review

Once a completed application and plan sets have been submitted, planning staff will review the site plan and determine if the structure and location is approved. Once they have approved the application, building staff will review your application and plan sets. Plan reviews are 1 to 2 days depending on the detail of the plans and the business demands. The applicant will be notified via email if plans are approved or if the plans need to be updated.

  1. Required Documents

Documents will be uploaded during the electronic application process, please upload PDFs to your application. If you wish to bring paper copies, please drop them off at City Hall Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Plan Set

Plans need to be drawn to scale, engineered plans are not needed unless there are structural changes. The building guides located under "Guides to help you plan your project" can be used to guide your plans or can be used in lieu of plan sets for most situations. For more complicated projects, additional plans may be requested.

  • Any added electrical or plumbing clearly identified on the plans. If there is a gas line being ran, they should include a gas line sizing calculation that includes the size of the gas line, the material of the gas line, the location where the gas line is being added to the existing line/meter, the length of the new gas line, the inlet pressure/water column pressure at the meter and the total BTU's of any appliances ran on that line.
  • The address is clearly labeled on the plans.

Plot Plan

This document will clearly show the dimensions of your project and its relationship to the existing buildings and property lines. The primary structure and any other structures must be on the plot plan. Plot plans can sometimes be found attached to the history record on the address at Arvada Permits Site.

Subcontractor Forms

Contractor that will be completing mechanical, plumbing or electrical work will need to be licensed with the City of Arvada and will complete and submit this form. They will then be linked to the permit, only a single permit will be issued for your project.

  1. Fees
  1. Permit Issuance
  1. Plan Changes During Construction
  1. Inspections
  1. Closing the Permit