Olde Town Station

Located in Arvada's historic downtown, the Olde Town Hub is the most prominent of Arvada's three G Line stations and an important retail, mixed-use, and cultural destination for visitors from throughout the Denver region.

Public Art at the Station

The art selected for the Olde Town Hub is titled "Track Bone." It is a sculpture that reflects the fact that the railroad was in many ways the backbone of Arvada when it was founded in 1870. The sculpture is made of Red Colorado Granite cut into sections of railroad track. At completion it will be 28' long, 4' 6" high, and 7' wide.

A-Files - Gold Line Art (Track Bone)

If you have trouble viewing the video, please watch it on YouTube.

Artist Details

The artist behind "Track Bone" is Frank Swanson. To find out more about the artist, please visit his profile on RTD-FasTracks.com.

Photo Gallery

If you're a member of the media needing high-resolution images, please contact Sherry Nalbach at 720-898-7521.

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