Jefferson Parkway

For updated Parkway information, visit the JPPHA website, email them, or call 303-223-6580.

Brief Parkway History

The Jefferson Parkway has been part of the City's long-term vision since the community and elected officials first recognized its potential benefits decades ago. In 2008, Arvada joined the City of Broomfield and Jefferson County in forming the Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority (JPPHA) with the goal to construct the last unbuilt portion of the metro beltway.

Parkway Benefits

The City of Arvada fully supports the Jefferson Parkway recognizing that it will deliver significant benefits to the community including greater regional connectivity, better local traffic flow and increased accessibility for future development in western Arvada. Constructing the Jefferson Parkway will:

  • Complete a road system that will directly connect Arvada to the entire metro area-north, south, east and west.
  • Improve local traffic flow by shifting demand off local streets, which will:
    • Reduce traffic congestion and, therefore, travel time and associated travel costs.
    • Potentially increase traffic safety with fewer collisions.
    • Create alternative transit opportunities with the inclusion of bike / pedestrian trails from end to end.
  • Increase accessibility for future development, which will allow significant financial benefits to Arvada with recent studies projecting those fiscal benefits to be 17% higher over the next 20 years with the completion of the parkway versus without it.

Furthermore, the City of Arvada, through an intergovernmental agreement, will be reimbursed for its contributions to the project.

Parkway Maps

Regional Beltway Map
Jefferson Parkway Map