Signs, Signals, & Street Safety

Street signs, signals, speed limits, or other traffic control measures are thoughtfully employed to safely and efficiently serve the City’s traveling public. The Public Works Department uses national and local standards to establish, maintain, and improve City infrastructure.

Traffic control devices are intended to manage the flow of travel in a safe and efficient manner. These devices include:

  • Traffic signals
  • Stop signs
  • Speed limits
  • Lane markings

These devices are designed and installed using criteria in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and additional traffic engineering principles. These criteria have been established nationally and have been adopted by the City. Examples of criteria include:

  • Roadway classification, features and operational safety (e.g., the curve of the road or sight distance at an intersection)
  • Location, frequency and type of devices that may be appropriate (placing devices where they are unexpected or unwarranted can cause driver error)
  • Traffic volume, speed and crash data, and other relevant location specific information

Common concerns

Speed limits are established based on the roadway classification and engineering surveys. Speed limits are adjusted for:

  • school zones
  • road design (e.g., curves)
  • roadway conditions (e.g., crash patterns and average speeds)

When traffic flows at a uniform speed, drivers are less impatient, pass less often, and tailgate less, which reduces both head-on and rear-end collisions. Posting the appropriate speed limit results in improved roadway operation and safety.

Report a concern

To report concern about street signs, signals, speeding, or other traffic control efforts, please submit a request through Ask Arvada

State highways (Wadsworth, Sheridan, HWY 72) are maintained by CDOT, please contact CDOT online or by live chat

Random speeding issues or erratic driving behavior should be reported to the Arvada Police by calling the non-emergency number: 720-898-6900. Arvada Police works with Traffic Engineering to identify locations where enforcement efforts are not a feasible solution and traffic control or traffic calming measures may be appropriate.