Neighborhood Grant Programs

Block Party at Sunset

2023 Neighborhood Grants have been awarded. Thanks to all who participated.  If you would like to discuss the result of your application, contact [email protected].

In 2023, the City of Arvada offered three types of grants for registered neighborhood groups with the goal of promoting positive neighboring activities and community involvement with three focus areas in mind: Connection, Sustainability and Resilience. 

Types of Grants 

Neighborhood Block Party Support Grants (up to $200)

The City invites neighborhood groups to submit grant proposals for 2023 Neighborhood Block Party Support Grants of up to $200 in the form of a gift card. The primary purpose of these grants is to fund neighborhood events that build lasting, positive relationships among neighbors and support neighborhood service projects and social gatherings. Check out these ideas:

  • Composting, xeriscaping, or bee conservation lunch and learn
  • Neighborhood beautification project and breakfast
  • Birding walk led by a local expert
  • Dancing and dessert under the stars
  • Organize a cooking/baking class

Neighborhood Experience Grant (up to $500)

The desired outcome of this grant is to create a memorable day or night where neighbors benefit from time spent together in a public space with the support of a Neighborhood Experience Grant worth up to $500. An example of an Experience could be a local concert, group fitness class or a workshop where new skills are learned. Check out these ideas:

  • Public art showcase
  • Mailbox decorating and painting workshop
  • Concert featuring local musicians
  • Organize a sports tournament with prizes
  • Outdoor yoga or bike clinic at a local park

Neighborhood Projects Grant (up to $3,000)

The Neighborhood Projects Grant is an opportunity to activate gathering places by providing resources to drive projects which support the City’s goals of connection, sustainability and resilience. This application is not intended for additions or maintenance to existing City parks or City-owned property. Check out these ideas:

  • Install a bike rack or bike repair station
  • Commission a mural
  • Create an interactive design like hopscotch or a bike course
  • Host a Multi-Cultural celebration
  • Build a Free Little Library, community pantry, or seed bank 


For more information, email the Neighborhood Engagement Team.