Snow Buddies Program

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The 2023-2024 winter is seeing a record number of applications for neighbors requesting assistance. We are seeking a record number of volunteers to step up across Arvada! From Leyden Rock to West Woods, from Pomona to Homestead Park, and everywhere in between, all Arvada Neighborhoods are invited to volunteer to support neighbors facing barriers to snow removal.

All volunteers will receive a free Snow Buddies beanie!

Application Update

Snow buddies applications for volunteers and/or assistance now open.

What Is the Arvada Snow Buddies Program?

The Snow Buddies Program matches anyone physically unable to remove snow with caring volunteers to assist them.

Volunteer to Be a Snow Buddy

The City of Arvada is recruiting volunteers to help their neighbors in need of snow removal assistance for the 2023-24 season.

Volunteers will be asked to:

  • Shovel the front sidewalk, the walkway to the front door, and enough of the driveway to allow for one vehicle to enter/exit (half of a two-car driveway OR the entire one-car driveway)
  • Shovel within 24 hours after a snowstorm ends and only when snowfall accumulation totals 2 inches or more
  • Assist their Snow Buddy(ies) throughout the duration of the winter season

Apply to be a Volunteer.

Snow Removal Assistance:

This service is reserved for residents in the City of Arvada who:

  • Are physically unable to shovel 
  • Cannot financially afford to pay for similar services
  • Do not have neighbors, family, or friends nearby to assist

Apply for assistance with snow removal.

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