Snow & Ice Control

The City of Arvada's Snow and Ice control policy is to plow and apply de-icing material to two priority routes. For information about trails, visit the Parks / Trails Snow Plow Routes

What Streets Does the City Plow?

Priority 1 (Red Routes) 

These are main, arterial streets, essential streets for emergency vehicle response, school zone streets and streets that provide connectivity with plowed streets in adjoining jurisdictions.

Priority 2 (Blue Routes) 

These are major and minor neighborhood collector streets that provide access from Priority 1 streets to residential streets.

The Priority 1 and 2 streets are shown on the City snow plowing route map. Residential streets are not routinely plowed unless they have steep hills with chronic icing problems. However, they will be plowed if the City Manager declares a snow emergency.

CDOT (Purple Routes)

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is responsible for plowing Wadsworth (SH121), Sheridan (SH95), Highway 93 (SH 93), and Ward Road (SH72) from I-70 to 64th Avenue; 64th Avenue (SH72) from Ward Rd to Indiana St; Indiana St. (SH72) from 64th Avenue to 86th Pkwy; Highway 72 (SH72) from Indiana St. to Highway 119.

The interactive map can also be viewed in a separate window.

Requests for Street Plowing and Gutter Ice Removal

To request plowing service on a Priority 1 or 2 route, or if you have a severe ice build-up problem in the street or gutter due to melting snow and ice, you may submit a request by calling the Street Division at 720-898-7725. 

Please leave a brief message stating your request and the location - by address or reference to cross streets. Your request will be logged into our work order system.

Please note that we do not remove packed snow and ice from residential streets that are passable by passenger cars.