Marge Roberts Park Renovations

Marge Roberts Park, located on the northwest corner of Miller Street and W 58th Avenue, was purchased with Arvada's share of Open Space funds in August 1979. Originally named Holder Park, it was renamed in 1990 for Arvada resident Marge Roberts, who led a neighborhood group in the park's redesign. The park was last updated in 2004. Based on several areas in need of repair, including aging playground equipment, upheaved sidewalks, deteriorating retaining walls, overgrown vegetation, an outdated irrigation system and undersized water tap, the Parks team is gearing up for an exciting major park overhaul.

Revitalization Features

The City has hired Stream Landscape Architecture and Planning to help revitalize the park, bring it up to code, improve accessibility and expand its use for the broader community. Planned improvements include:

  • New nature-themed play equipment (paid for through the City's Taking Lasting Care program)
  • Adventure trail with play elements
  • Artificial turf mounds
  • New benches and picnic tables
  • Expanded basketball court
  • Concrete loop trail with parallel soft surface path
  • Native landscaping around the periphery of the park
  • Updated irrigation
  • New water tap
  • Improved landscaping (in alignment with the City's low-water and low-maintenance goals)

General Timeline (Subject to Change)

  • Spring and Summer 2023: Construction documents completed and bid out to contractors
  • Fall and Winter 2023: Bidding and contract awarded 
  • Spring and Summer 2024: Construction begins and project is completed 

Public Engagement

In March 2021, the City team conducted a survey on Speak Up Arvada asking residents to weigh in on the playground elements and theme. Survey responses are being used to inform the new playground designs.

Schematic Site Design Plan 1
Schematic Site Design Plan 2
Schematic Site Design Plan 3
Schematic Site Design Plan 4

Image 5: Play Pit and Adventure Play Area

Adventure Trail  Play

Image 6: Expanded Basketball Court

Basketball Court