Anti-Bias Training

The Arvada Police Department (APD) has conducted mandatory training about bias in policing for all sworn personnel for at least 20 years. Over the years, our officers have been trained on a wide variety of topics about bias and how it can negatively impact the work of police officers as well as the community.

APD officers have been trained on topics ranging from overt discrimination (e.g., profiling) to more subtle forms of bias (e.g., implicit bias and micro-aggression). They have been trained to understand that certain cognitive biases may impact personal interactions with others. They have been trained on specific forms of bias, including gender-, disability-, race-, religious-, ethnic-, and LGBTQIA-based biases. They have also been trained on the many negative social impacts of bias-based policing, as well as the legal ramifications of unconstitutional police actions. Among the APD's goals in requiring ongoing, comprehensive non-biased policing training are to create awareness of different types of bias, and to make employees aware of the role bias may play in our society, especially in the criminal justice system.

The Colorado Peace Officer and Standards Training, (P.O.S.T.) division of the Colorado Attorney General's Officer mandates training for law enforcement officers Statewide. The Arvada Police Department conducts this training every year. Colorado P.O.S.T. only requires such training every five years. Learn about the mandated Peace Officer Anti-Bias training.