Internal Affairs Statistical Summary 2022

Internal Affairs Investigations 2022

There were six Internal Affairs Investigations in 2022 and four Administrative Review Investigations. 

The Administrative reviews were associated with Officer Involved Shootings and were investigated by the Jefferson County Critical Incident Response Team, however; only two clearance letters have been issued by the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office. One of the two shootings was additionally reviewed by internal affairs and found to be: Proper Action. The second shooting is currently under review by internal affairs. The two outstanding shootings are still pending internal review and clearance letters from the District Attorney’s Office as the suspects in these cases are still awaiting trial.  

Three investigations resulted in unsubstantiated findings, and three investigations resulted in substantiated violations of city and police department policies.  Discipline resulting from these internal investigations ranged from a written reprimand to 30 hours unpaid suspension, along with attending harassment training and loss of all special assignments for one year. One member retired during an investigation; however, this investigation was fully investigated, and several policy violations were identified, including findings of untruthfulness.  

Complaints & Internal Affairs Investigations

Complaint Type201720182019202020212022
Citizen Complaint484640344044***
Proper ActionSee Note 1See Note 1See Note 1See Note 1137
Exceptionally ClearedSee Note 2See Note 2See Note 2See Note 210

Internal Complaints

Complaint Type201720182019202020212022
Directed Complaint14117848
Proper Action****00
Exceptionally Cleared1 (See Note 1)2 (See Note 1)1 (See Note 1)100

The Arvada Police Department uses the following terminology regarding the findings of external and internal complaints: Unfounded, Unsubstantiated, Substantiated, Outcome not based on Complaint, and Complaint Exceptionally Cleared.

*** In 2022, Internal Affairs began keeping track of missed court appearances separately which are not accounted for in these numbers. In 2022, 6 incidents were documented, 5 of which were substantiated and 1 of which was unfounded. 

Note: In prior years, this statistic was tracked through unsubstantiated complaints, but Proper Action better reflects the actions taken in these complaints, per our policy manual.

Note 2: Indicates the complaints were exceptionally cleared as the employee/s resigned.

Personnel Actions

Type of Actions201720182019202020212022
Personnel Actions
Written Reprimand433113
Verbal Reprimand002116
Exceptionally Cleared121101