Olde Town Arvada

Olde Town

Historic Olde Town Arvada, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is home to residential living, robust shopping and dining experiences, and one of three Arvada stops along RTD's G Line commuter rail taking residents and visitors to all areas of the Metro region and Denver International Airport (DIA). Looking for information on where to park in Olde Town? Visit Parking in Olde Town.

Final Olde Town Strategic Reinvestment Plan

In an effort to preserve the history and character of Olde Town Arvada while ensuring the district remains a thriving and vibrant downtown for many years to come, the City of Arvada has finalized the Olde Town Arvada Strategic Reinvestment Plan and it was adopted by City Council in October 2023. The plan includes the development of a shared 20-year vision for Olde Town as well as a study into the feasibility of permanently maintaining street closures that have created a comfortable pedestrian experience in recent years.

The City began the long range planning effort for the future of Olde Town in June 2022 and requested community engagement and critical feedback through various surveys, open houses, and events throughout the duration of the process. In fact, the foundation of the plan was built on four strong guiding principles that were pulled from comments submitted by the community through this robust engagement effort. The guiding principles of the plan include: Vibrant, Distinct, Connected, and Resilient and “define both the essence of Olde Town and the roadmap for its future."

View the FINAL Olde Town Strategic Reinvestment Plan.

The next step in the process will be to work toward securing funding for the implementation of the plan.

Questions about the plan? Email the Long Range Planning Division at [email protected].

Current Street Closures

As part of the City's continuing efforts to support recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, the City has partnered with the Olde Town Arvada Business Improvement District (BID) to close a few streets in the area to vehicle traffic. This allows shops and restaurants to use sidewalks for seating and shopping, leaving streets open for pedestrian traffic.

Construction activity is continuing on Ralston Road. 

Olde Town Arvada Parking Map

Traffic Signals Near the Closure

In February 2024, the traffic signals at 57th & Olde Wadsworth and Grandview & Olde Wadsworth were updated with new pedestrian push buttons. The signals will function as follows: 

  •  Constant yellow flash for vehicle traffic
  •  A pedestrian pushes the crossing button and the signal changes to solid yellow 
  • The signal changes to solid red
  • The pedestrian walk sign and auditory cues signal that it is safe to cross

traffic signals graphic explaining function with push to cross button for pedestrians

These changes will provide a safer, ADA compliant pedestrian crossing and better address the flow of vehicle traffic near the pedestrian mall street closure areas.