Reserve a Community Room

Reservations for the Community Room is available using CivicRec.

The Arvada Police Department has meeting rooms at our three Community Stations which are available for use, free of charge. These stations are located at:

  • Lake Arbor Station: 8110 Vance Drive, Arvada, CO 80003
  • West Woods Station: 6644 Kendrick Drive, Arvada, CO 80007
  • Whisper Creek: 14360 W 89th Drive, Arvada, CO 80005

Reserve a Community Room

Policy for Use

  • The Community Rooms are intended primarily to provide public meeting space for Arvada citizens and groups to engage in activities and programs which are open to the public and of public interest to the residents of the City of Arvada and their invitees.
    The Community Rooms are not intended for private commercial business use, including such use as display of goods for sale.
  • Organizations and individuals may reserve a Community Room up to two months in advance by calling the community stations at the numbers listed above. The city will not accept standing reservations for more than four dates per month. If the meeting is to be held outside of normal working hours, a proxy card for room entry must be obtained from the Sector Commander or appointed representative prior to the meeting. If the meeting is held on the weekend the proxy card must be signed out before 2 pm on Friday afternoon. When the meeting is over, the proxy card must be placed in the black drop box at the back of the room.
  • Availability of the Community Rooms varies upon availability of adequate staff.
  • All meetings must remain open to City of Arvada staff members.
  • Admission or fees may not be charged except in the case of course tuition charged by a non-profit organization. Non-profit organizations charging tuition or fees must submit to the City proof of non-profit classification with its application. Gifts and contributions may not be solicited by an individual or group using the Community Room.
  • There must be adequate adult supervision for all usage.
  • The applicant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the City of Arvada for any injuries to participants or damage to equipment/supplies occurring during rental hours.
  • The use of this facility does not constitute the endorsement by the City of Arvada of:
    • Any organization or group
    • The beliefs of any organization or group
    • The expression of any opinion regarding the nomination, retention, election, or defeat of any
    • The expression of any opinion regarding the passage or defeat of any issue.candidate, or;
    • The expression of any opinion regarding the passage or defeat of any issue.