Street Parking in Olde Town

Rules for Street & Lot Parking in Olde Town

  • Posted 2-hour and 4-hour time restrictions are in effect from 8 am to 7 pm
  • Once the time expires your vehicle must move a minimum of 500 feet from your original spot in all directions
  • Park only in marked, individually designated parking spaces
  • Overnight parking is allowed on the street but vehicles must be moved by 10 am
  • For safety reasons, do not park within:
    • 5 feet of a driveway
    • 15 feet of a fire hydrant
    • 20 feet of an intersection
    • 30 feet of a traffic signal / stop sign
  • If you are looking for longer-term parking, or you are coming to Olde Town to use the RTD G-Line, please utilize the Olde Town Transit Hub parking structure.
  • Use the Arvada Parking Finder to explore the types of spots available in Olde Town and real time availability in the Transit Hub.

Parking Lot Map

Olde Town Arvada Parking Map