Weapons & Permits


The Arvada Police Department does not issue concealed weapons permits. Weapons permits are handled through the County Sheriff's Office in the county in which you live.

Permit Types:

Weapons Laws

Colorado weapons laws are complex. As a general rule, Colorado weapons laws are contained in Title 18 of the Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S.). However, Titles 12 and 33 also contain weapons laws. C.R.S. may be accessed through the Colorado General Assembly Office of Legislative Legal Services. Generally speaking, local (municipal) laws about weapons are found in Chapter 62 of the Arvada Municipal Code. Laws regulating weapons in city parks and other recreational areas are found in Chapter 66 of the Code.

Gun Laws

In addition to exploring the C.R.S., you can find a summary of Colorado's gun laws on the Colorado State Patrol website. In the CSP guide, you can read about concealed weapon permits, out-of-state reciprocity, and much more.