Monitoring Permit & Project Application Process

Permits and development projects can easily be monitored through eTRAKiT. For Arvada Permits, Users will need to be logged in to see information on reviews and inspection results.

  1. Step 1: Locate Permit / Project to Review

Monitor DashboardE-mail notifications to the applicant will be sent when a change has been made and/or there is a request for the applicant to complete an action. Applicants can utilize the eTRAKiT system to stay up to date on all permits/projects. Once logged into the eTRAKiT dashboard, select the permit/project number to view more information. If you are not connected to the permit/project you will need to search for the permit. Steps on how to search for permits is located Under Searching for Records.

  1. Step 2: Review Permit / Project
  1. Step 3: Finding Comments From Staff
  1. Step 4: Reviewing & Responding to Staff Comments