Pavement Management Program

Each year the City of Arvada designates a variety of roads throughout the city to apply different treatments to based on the current quality of the road. Some are preventative and some are for repair or replacement. 

2023 Treatments

These are the areas proposed to be addressed with various treatments in 2023. Proposed areas are dependent on the annual budget and weather impacts.

Navigate through the tabs to learn more about each treatment type and areas proposed for this year.

  1. Concrete
  2. Repaving
  3. Crack Seal
  4. Hot Chip, Slurry and Cape seal

Concrete Replacement - concrete is replaced when feasible in areas where asphalt work is planned and the existing curb ramps and concrete do not meet ADA standards.

  • Sunrise Ridge
  • Forest Springs - Kendrick Dr from 64th Ave to 67th Ave/Lupine Cir (complete)
  • McIntyre Street - from 34th Avenue to 65th Avenue (extended to 63rd)
  • Ralston Estates West - 64th Ave to 65th Dr; Eldridge to Deframe St 
  • Woodland Valley - 68th Ave to 69th Ave; Welch Ct to Xenon St (delayed from this year due to utility work needs)
  • Woodland Valley -  70th Ave between Ward Rd and Simms St; 68th Ave to 70th Ave (delayed from this year due to utility work needs)
  • Allendale  - Kipling Pkwy to Allendale Dr to Simms St; 60th Ave and 62nd Ave/Kline St to Nelson St (delayed from this year due to budget)
  • Scenic Heights - 62nd Pl to 65th Ave; Yukon St to Ammons St
  • Scenic Heights - Schneider Way between 65th Ave and 66th Ave
  • Club Crest - 77th Dr between Allison St and Wadsworth Blvd (complete)
  • Club Crest  - Vance Dr between Wadsworth Blvd and 80th Ave (complete)
  • Parkway Estates - 78th Pl/79th Dr between Webster Way and Pierce St; 79th Ave between Pierce St and Harlan St including cul-de-sacs (complete)
  • Lake Arbor North - Pomona Dr/Chase Dr/Lamar Dr (delayed from this year due to utility work needs)
  • 64th Avenue - Carr Street to Tennyson Street south side
  • 64th Avenue - Virgil Street to Indiana
roads proposed for various types of treatments in the 2023 paving season

What to Expect

Once cones and temporary "No Parking" signs are placed in front of your home or business, the work is scheduled to begin within the next 24 hours. Keep in mind that weather or equipment problems may cause delays. Typical work hours are 7 am to 7 pm. Access to driveways may be limited at times during the work. Residents who need accommodations are encouraged to contact us as soon as possible.

  • Emergency access will be maintained at all times.
  • There will be heavy machinery, loud noises, dust, and vibrations throughout the repaving process.
  • Night-time paving may be allowed in some locations depending on traffic impacts and noise variances.
  • There may be lane closures or lane shifts to accommodate work.
  • Please obey all temporary "No Parking" signs. Vehicles causing work obstruction may be towed to an adjacent street without "No Parking" signs.

Please use caution when driving in areas of heavy equipment, especially if you live on or near a cul-de-sac.

Keep in Mind

  • Fresh pavement is hot, oily and extremely sticky. Try to avoid new pavement when walking.
  • To remove sticky tar or asphalt from car or shoes, use fresh soap and water or a citrus-based cleaner. Do not use petroleum-based cleaners.