Scheduling Inspections

This page will give eTRAKiT users step-by-step instructions for scheduling and canceling an inspection through eTRAKiT. Building inspections can also be scheduled by calling 720-898-7630 and using a three-digit code.

Scheduling Inspections

Once permits have all fees paid and the permit status is "Issued," inspections can be scheduled. Requests for inspections can be submitted until 6 a.m. on the desired inspection day. Please review inspection requirements before scheduling inspections. Failure to meet all of the requirements will result in a failed or cancel inspection and an inspection fee may be applied.

Special Inspections Request

Work that will be inspected during non-city business hours, including Saturdays and Holidays, need to be requested and approved in advance. Please send your inspection requests to the Engineering Division at least two (2) business day prior to your desired work date by using the Saturday Request Form.

  1. Step 1: Login to eTRAKiT at Arvada Permits Site

Inspection Scheduling MenuOnce logged in, you will see the permits that are eligible for inspection scheduling. If a fee has been assessed on the permit, inspections cannot be scheduled. Please pay all fees before you begin.

Permits that are eligible for inspections will show a "request" button on the user dashboard. Select "Request" to schedule inspections for that permit.

  1. Step 2: Enter Contact information & Inspection Notes
  1. Step 3: Select Inspection Type & Date
  1. Step 4: Add Inspection
  1. Step 5: Submit Inspection Request

Canceling Inspections

Cancel Inspection InstructionsStep 1: Cancel Inspection

Inspections can be canceled until 6 a.m. on the day of the scheduled inspection. Once logged into your account on Arvada Permits, navigate to "My Active Inspections." Select the "X" next to the desired inspection.

Select "OK" to complete the cancellation of inspection. After selecting "ok" the inspection will still show on "My Active Inspections," but there won't be a scheduled inspection date.

Select Ok to Cancel an Inspection