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Arvada Skate Park

The Arvada Skate Park located at 12920 West 72nd Avenue, just east of the Apex Center. It is the third-largest skate park in the country and has hosted several large-scale skating events. The park's skating surface, which exceeds 40,000 square feet, was designed and built by Team Pain, a skate park design and build company based in Florida. The park's infrastructure and other components were completed by Urban Farmer, a local landscaping company. Together these features make this venue a top skating destination in the state. It opened in June 2012.

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Skate Park

Avada Skate Spots

General hours of use for all Arvada Parks (unless otherwise noted) are sun up to sundown.

  • The Memorial Park Skate Spot is located in Memorial Park just behind City Hall and Police Headquarters at 8001 West 59th Avenue.
  • Wolffe Park Skate Spot is located at 8475 West 57th Avenue
  • Skyline Park Skate Spot is located at 11600 West 56th Drive.

For questions call 720-898-7410. There are no fees and participants need to provide their own skateboard, helmet, knee, and elbow pads. It is highly recommended that skaters wear safety equipment.

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