Lake Arbor Restoration 

Project Overview

Lake Arbor is being restored. The primary goal is to improve public safety by stabilizing the banks. Through sediment removal west of the pedestrian bridges, unpleasant odors near the lake's western side will be reduced. The City has partnered with the Mile High Flood District (MHFD) to design and construct the repairs to this facility that flows into Little Dry Creek.

Current Impacts

  • Fishing and paddle crafts are allowed, please use caution near construction activity
  • Light construction activity along the southeastern end of the lake will continue for the next couple months
    • The damaged concrete trail will be repaired once work is completed in this area
  • Landscaping is complete with the exception of some wetland plantings in Spring 2024
    • Additional tree planting is contingent on soil conditions over the next few seasons and will continue as soil conditions improve
  • Visit the contractor's website for additional updates, photos and videos
Lake Arbor Project Site Plan

What to Expect

  • Wildlife protection: The City and contracted partners have been taking extra care to protect fish, turtles and all other aquatic wildlife during the project. This has included transplanting hundreds of fish and turtles into the center of the lake during partial lake drainage.
    • Prior to the project, between 2000-3000 fish were salvaged from Lake Arbor and relocated to other nearby lakes to minimize impacts to the population.
  • Refilling the lake will rely on precipitation. As Lake Arbor is a retention pond it relies solely on stormwater runoff to refill. 
    • Construction is expected to be complete in July. At that time any future precipitation will refill the lake. 

Project Timeline

  • Fall 2022: Repair outlet channel downstream of the lake (complete)
  • Winter 2022: Survey and re-locate fish and other aquatic life (complete)
  • January 2023: Assess and repair lake outlet pipe for drainage effort (complete)
  • February to September 2023:
    • Lake water level lowered approximately 2 feet 
    • Shoreline stabilization and western pond dredging
    • Initial re-vegetation around the lake
  • 2024: Re-vegetation around the lake