Service Line Inventory Project

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The City has hired AGL Construction to investigate service line materials between the meter pit and home foundation. Select homes have been identified for this work. If you have been contacted by the City or AGL, please get in touch as soon as possible to schedule this work.

Project Overview

As part of Arvada's commitment to provide safe drinking water to all our residents, we comply with all requirements of the EPA Safe Drinking Water Act. Recent revisions to the Lead and Copper Rule (effective December 2021) require the City of Arvada to create a mapped inventory of water service line materials throughout the City, and make it publicly available by October 2024.

The City has records of the system-owned service lines. However, there is less information available about the customer-owned portions. In 2021, the City began a service line inventory project, contacting and inspecting thousands of homes throughout the city.

As of Summer 2023, we have found primarily copper service lines, a few galvanized lines and zero lead lines.

If your home was built before 1960 and you know or suspect you have a galvanized or lead water service line, or you are unsure what it is, please let us know! Complete this online survey, email Water Quality or call 720-898-7800.

What is a Water Service Line?

customer owned portion of the water line from meter pit to home and system owned portion from meter pit to water main in the roadA water service line is the connection from the drinking water main to the foundation of the home (or building). Each home's service line consists of two portions: the City owns the portion of the line from the drinking water main to the meter pit ("system-owned"), and the homeowner owns the portion of the line from the meter pit to their home's foundation ("customer-owned").

Project Details

The City must inventory and categorize drinking water service line materials for all homes and buildings within the service area, including both the system-owned portion and the customer-owned portion. In order to do this, the City may request to:

  • Perform visual inspections of meter pits or the point of entry inside homes or buildings.
  • Take water samples at exterior taps.
  • Collect customer information including pictures of where the service line enters the property.
  • Perform "potholing" in the yard. This consists of digging a small hole over the service line. 
    • The City may ask to pothole even if an internal inspection has already been performed or received in order to confirm findings. 
    • If your property is selected, the City will provide a consent form that the property owner must sign and submit to the contractor prior to any potholing.

Note: City of Arvada employees will never come into your home without your permission and we will never disturb your property without your approval. City employees will always be in a City vehicle with proper identification.


Summer 2021 : project start (inventorying will continue until all service line materials are identified)

October 2024: inventory will be publicly available 

2024 to 2025: anticipated service line replacement for any identified lead or galvanized lines (details and funding to be determined)

Funding Line Replacement

The City is looking into financial assistance program which may include reimbursement to the effective rule date. 

If you have replaced a lead or galvanized drinking water service line since December 2021, please keep any receipts, proof of work from a licensed contractor, and evidence of prior material. If you do replace your galvanized or lead service line, please let us know by email

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