W 57th Avenue Study

As a part of a traffic calming pilot program, the City is studying the W 57th Avenue corridor from Garrison Street to Upham Street and a small section of Grandview Avenue from Independence Street to Garrison Street.

The study is looking at ways to improve mobility and safety along the corridor for people bicycling, walking, and driving. The 2017 Bicycle Master Plan identified this corridor as the most important bike route in the city and this corridor study is the next step in developing improvements in this area.


The project has installed temporary curb extensions, speed cushions and traffic circles at the following locations:

Curb Extensions

  • W 57th Avenue and Glen Ellen Drive
  • W 57th Avenue and Cody Street
  • W 57th Avenue and Carr Street
  • W 57th Avenue and Brentwood Street
  • W 57th Avenue and Arvada K8 Entrance

Speed Cushions

  • 57th and Everett
  • 57th and Dover
  • 57th and Carr

Traffic Circles

  • 57th and Balsam
  • 57th and Ammons
  • 57th and Yarrow
  • 57th and Yukon

To help guide drivers through the intersections, signs and pavement markings will be installed. The No Parking Zone at these intersections will increase from 30 feet to 50 feet to provide better visibility and enhance safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists.

Speed studies will evaluate the efficacy of these roadway treatments. More information will be posted once those studies have been completed.

West 57th Avenue Study Area

Additional Information

Find more information about ongoing efforts in the City of Arvada for traffic calming and pedestrian safety on the Traffic Calming Pilot Program page.

The City also hosted a public meeting to discuss this project on October 21, 2020 over zoom. A recording is available.