Tournament on Athletic Field

  • Requesting athletic field only: If you are a tournament organizer wishing to reserve an athletic field, please complete Step 1. 
  • Requesting athletic field with food trucks present: If you are a tournament organizer reserving an athletic field and wish to have a food truck at your event, you must complete Steps 1 and 2.

Step 1: Reserve Field through City of Arvada

Tournament organizers hosting a sports tournament in Arvada can schedule a field with the City of Arvada. For more information, visit CivicRec or send an email to the Fields Division.

The following athletic fields are available for tournaments:

  • Long Lake Regional Park
  • Stenger Soccer Complex
  • Youth Memorial Complex
  • Harold Lutz Sports Complex
  • Pioneer Park

Step 2: Use of a Food Truck at a tournament

If you are a tournament organizer hosting a tournament on an athletic field AND you wish to have a food truck present at the tournament, the following requirements MUST be met:

  • Please Note: We do not find or provide the food trucks. The tournament organizer is required to find and schedule the food truck.
  • The Food truck must be pre-arranged. They are not allowed to just show up.
  • Very specific Rules, Regulations and fees apply to the use of food trucks (No retail vendors allowed). Please visit Food Trucks Page.

Information for Food Trucks

If you are a food truck wanting to be present at a tournament on an athletic field, the following requirements must be met.

  • You must be invited by the Tournament Organizer to be present at the tournament. Food trucks are not allowed to just show up without an invitation.
  • Food Trucks must be licensed and permitted through the City of Arvada. Visit Food Truck Vending for more information.

If you have other questions about food trucks or tournament vending, please contact Revenue at 720-898-7100.