Selection Process


Candidate selections will be based on:

  • Qualified candidates with a bachelor's degree (required); and
  • Out-of-state lateral entry candidates who can meet Colorado POST certification; and
  • Colorado POST-certified officers.

The selection process will include the steps listed in the following. All candidates will be notified following completion of each phase of the process whether or not they have been selected to continue in the process. The candidates will receive an email from Human Resources. You will be contacted as soon as information is available.

  1. Application


Applications will be screened prior to the test dates. An official copy of the candidate's collegiate transcript will be requested during the final stages of the hiring process.

Out-of-state lateral candidates must qualify for POST certification under Colorado regulations.

Candidates who do not meet the minimum qualifications will be notified by email. Candidates who are eligible to participate in further testing will be advised how to proceed by email. The instructions and attached documents will explain the next steps required to participate in testing. All documents submitted with an application become the property of the City of Arvada and will not be returned.

  1. Personal History Questionnaire
  1. Testing Process
  1. Oral Board Interview
  1. Polygraph
  1. Psychological Evaluation
  1. Background Investigation
  1. Medical Evaluation
  1. Academy Training
  1. Field Training Program