Trash & Recycling

City of Arvada Waste Hauling Program

The City partners with Republic Services to offer trash and recycling services. For missed waste and recycling pick up please call 720-898-7575. 

Join the City's Trash and Recycling Program

Residents may join the City's Waste and Recycling Program at any time. Call 720-898-7575 to request new service or change your current service level.

Program Rates

The City's program offers four service levels to suit your waste generation habits. Visit our Republic Services/Arvada rates page to view service level details and rates. These rates are monthly but billed in your bi-monthly water and trash bill.

Monthly Fees effective August 1, 2023:

  • $20.34 for a 95 gallon cart and 95 gallon recycling cart
  • $16.06 for a 65 gallon cart and 95 gallon recycling cart
  • $11.79 for a 35 gallon cart and 95 gallon recycling cart
  • $5.28 for minimum service (no carts, choose your own hauler) 

Additional Fees:

  • $3.08 per month for an additional recycling cart
  • $4.27 for an additional trash cart
  • $3.62 per tag for occasional additional trash bags (see below)
  • $15.53 for bulky item pickup

Extra Bags

If you have more waste than can fit in the cart you can purchase "bag tags" to have this waste picked up during your regular service. Bag tags can be purchased for $3.62 at City Hall (8101 Ralston Road) or call 720-898-7070 for more information.  

*Please bring the exact amount in cash or pay by check. Change cannot be provided. 

Bulky Item Pick Up

Residents who participate in the City's waste-hauling service can have oversized items that do not fit in carts picked up during regular trash pick up for an additional charge of $15.53 per item. Contact the Waste and Recycling Program at 720-898-7575 for more information.

Cart Placement and Storagecart placement should have 3 feet of spacing between objects and no overhead obstructions

Arvada Municipal Code Chapter 18, Sect. 18-517 requires trash and recycling containers to be stored behind the front plane of a residence when not placed out for collection. Appropriate places to store your containers are on the side of your house, in a garage, or in the back or side yard.

  • Containers should be placed out by 7 am on your collection day.
  • Containers should be placed as close to curbside as possible without obstructing the sidewalk.
  • Municipal Code requires that containers may not be curbside for longer than 24 consecutive hours per week.

Find Your Service Day

The City of Arvada has made available a searchable map where you can find your collection day and recycling week color. PDF calendars for each day/recycling week are available on the Republic Services / Arvada website.

Service Guide

For questions about acceptable recycling materials, what can go in your waste cart, and other service details access this Service Guide (PDF). You can download the guide and find other resources on our Republic Services/Arvada resources page.

Republic Services App: If you'd like to use the Republic Services app you will need to call the team at 720-898-7575 and get your account number directly from Republic. Please note: this is different than your City utilities customer number that is on your City water and trash bill.

Service Level Changes

If you would like to make a service level change including changing cart sizes, requesting minimum service or setting up new service, please call 720-898-7575.

There is no charge for:

  • Service level changes, including cart swaps (once per year).
  • Removal of City of Arvada carts for residents who wish to hire their own hauler.
  • Delivering additional waste or recycling carts.

If you need to make a change to your service with the City of Arvada Waste and Recycling Program, please contact the team at 720-898-7575.