Plant-A-Tree Program

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About the Plant-a-Tree Program (May through September)

The City of Arvada's Plant-A-Tree program has added more than 400 trees to our park system since its creation. The program, which runs from May through September, is a partnership between the City team and our residents, designed to inspire and promote the planting of trees in Arvada parks, as a rewarding and unique means of paying tribute, honoring, commemorating, or celebrating special times. This visible and vibrant reminder will provide shade and beauty for future generations to enjoy. Trees purchased by the resident and planted in partnership with the Parks Department.

Selecting a Tree / Tree Location

The donor chooses the type of tree and the park's location. If approved, the forestry team purchases the tree and makes arrangements with the tree donor for the planting. Tree prices range from $250 to $350.

To participate in the Plant-A-Tree Program and make your tree selection, fill out the Plant-a-Tree form


Parks Maintenance 720-898-7410 or request information/service regarding City trees through Ask Arvada.