Trees on City Property

What the Forestry Team Does for Trees in City Parks / City Property

General Tree Maintenance

The forestry team follows robust health care standards regarding the maintenance of its urban canopy, including:

  • Tree-health assessments: Identity, diagnose, and treat tree ailments.
  • Apply preventative treatments for insect/disease control.
  • Prune trees for aesthetics, health, and safety (The team prunes an average of 1,500 trees per year, and since 2015, they have pruned more than 8,600 publicly maintained trees).
  • Timely removal of trees and branches to eliminate hazardous conditions.
  • Plant trees with an emphasis on species and age diversity.

The forestry team professionals are required to have Arborist Certification from the International Society of Arboriculture and a Pesticide Applicators License from the Department of Agriculture. Learn more about the City's tree and shrub maintenance (PDF).

Planting Trees on City Property

Learn more about the City's approach to planting trees with an emphasis on age and species diversity.

Removing Trees on City Property

The forestry crew always prefers to preserve a tree rather than remove one; however, sometimes tree removal is necessary. For more information on tree removal, visit the Removing Trees on City Property page.